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8 cu. thx. Choose from 165 listings to find the best priced International DT466E Engines by owners & dealers near you. Manual transmission appears to be operable. 00 1500. A/C doesn’t work need A/C compressor. I am often asked to diagnose vehicle problems over the phone, if only it was that easy. almost like the timeing is off on one of your injectors. pulled all 6 injectors out and had them tested. 6 dt466 ihc steel valve cover inline pump frame cut w/transmission missing frame deduct $250. 6 dt466e ihc w/bell housing 2000 up #279 all others 500. Changed oil today to look for anything out of the ordinary. Odometer is inoperable. Look at the top ring (bottom of photo). Is it a inj or wiring problem. This is a FREE web site. The leaking seals caused a hard start condition when engine was cold We have an 06 International 4300 with dt466. Flatbed need some work driver side cylinder is missing also 5 spool valve bank is missing. capacity, Roll tarp, Bed vibrator, Single ram hoist, Air operated end gate 158,568 miles on odometer, 10,940 hours on meter, International DT466E 7. put this unit right to work -- no one else will give you all this in a complete package !! 2000 International, 4700 Fuel and Lube Trucks, S/A Fuel and Lube Truck, 2000 International 4700 S/A Fuel and Lube Truck, International DT466E Engine, Spicer Manual Transmission, 176" Wheel Base, 4x2, Engine Driven Air Compressor, Fuel Meter, Product Tanks, Hose Reels, Spring Type Suspension, Double Frame, Air Conditioning. 85v while cranking. Used-Rebuilt-Core Engine Assemblies Available Online at VanderHaags. 0L DIT engines is what is known as injector stiction. 2000 - 2003 DT466 - 175 to 230 HP only. To explain what it's doing. 00 1100. Hi everybody there wasnt a spot for international/ navistar, so I posted it in here. Thank You for the tips. yd. If your PM filter core is cracked or missing, it can cost you thousands of dollars and violate California's anti-tampering law, Vehicle Code Section 27156 (VC  International 1842722C91 HPOP DT466 DT530 Genuine navistar renewed Bosch International Navistar 1842722C91 High Pressure Oil Pump DT466 DT530 . The IDM is a reman from international, I would hope its good. the serial number will Consist of 13 numeriC digits. 6-6. Core International DT466E For Sale: Core DT466E, 220HP, Rotates, Unknown failure,less oil pan , Front covers, Gears, Heui pump, Fuel filter base. I have the valve cover/Intake off of my 98 dt466e and it looks as though there is some steel wool in two ports towards the back assuming they are they are for the crank case vents that go to the downdraft tube. i can ground the crank relay and engine will crank with key but wont start. tried to pull the codes as per your instructions several times, but it would not work. Hey guys i have a 97 model international 4900 with a DT466, the problem started a few months it would run for 30 minutes or so and as long as we left it idling when we were unloading it would be fine but if shut off it wouldn't restart for a while, we replaced the crank sensor and it ran fine for about 2 days. The problem i was having with my 1998 international 4700 with dt466e 24ft box truck is that it would crank slow, start up and run like it was missing and shut off after a couple of minutes if it did stay running it ran horrible!! Took out the original camshaft sensor and installed this one without any shims at first didnt work. 00 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Complete door, removed from 1998 International 4700 DT466E, Parting out Truck at the best online prices at eBay! international dt466e turbocharger kit 245hp and below, oem# n/a, 5010720r91. This cost-effective quality manual is 100% complete and intact as should be without any missing pages. basiC dt466 identifiCation: sample serial number - 468 t m2 u 420067 INTERNATIONAL 4900 parts & attachments for sale at Rock & Dirt. measuring guns also but i just use my hand . So, how bad was the engine missing? One thing that is common on the 6. 138,830 miles on odometer, 12,618 hours on meter, International DT466E 7. The injector o rings that seal the tip of the injector with the intake manifold and fuel rail. Shop the best selection of OEM-quality replacement parts 24/7! Description: Altec D845-TR, 30,000 Lb Digger Derrick s/n 1201BE3460, with 45’ sheave height, 3 section hyd boom, 2 spd digger, heel winch, pole grabs, riding console & 4 hyd outriggers, rear mounted on 2002 International 4800 4x4 Utility Truck, DT466E diesel, 9-spd, with front winch, (Exempt from Odometer Disclosure - Reads 1,929 miles) (runs Stiction: Cause and Effect. Browse our inventory of new and used INTERNATIONAL DT466E Engine For Sale at TruckPaper. 00 Description Atlas AK3006, Hydraulic Knuckle Boom Crane s/n Z4728, with 2 hyd outriggers & dual controls, mounted behind cab on 2000 International 4700 Utility Truck, DT466E diesel, Auto, A/C, (280,721 miles) (missing boom chart, not set up, upper operates) (Missing manuals, See Auction Company for Manufacturers Information to obtain manuals) How do you compression test a dt466e? It may also be missing on one cylinder. A compression test will verify this. will not crank, you cannot pull start it. Next, I took a look at the trouble codes. USED - PENDING INSPECTION INTERNATIONAL DT466E EPA 04 ENGINE ASSEMBLY #1845813 For Sale by LKQ Heavy Truck at Athens, GA. it has the usual new filters, etcmy only thought is the injector pump but the mechanis don't think so 2005 International 4300 DT466 engine. Core DT466E - rotates, Missing flywheel. 2004 dt466e cranks, no start Mechanics Hub › Forums › Diesel Engines › International (Navistar) › 2004 DT466E CRANKS, NO START This topic contains 16 replies, has 4 voices, and was last updated by Shawn 9 months, 1 week ago . Sometimes it will barely miss other times it will miss and stall the engine but it will not die completly and the warn engine light will come on but only when it almost stalls. It started missing and cutting off after the engine warms up. Any ideas on what would cause this? Check out 379 International DT466E Engine Assy Parts for sale. The piston above has been damaged by over-speeding. 3 all trimmed up. Runs great until a few days ago. pretty cool morning in the low 40's, cranked and idled with a lot of missing, had slight lope, but not bad as before. For questions concerning this bus or to schedule an inspection, contact: Mike at show contact info by TEXT ONLY. My quick and dirty check on those engines for an actuall miss , is to start it cold and i touch each outlet on the exhuast looking for one not getting hot i suppose you could use one of those fancy heat. all were fine! - Answered by a verified  Jul 7, 2012 To be honest the best way to find an engine miss is to have someone connect the international engine software to the engine and perform what  I have a 2004 international 4300 with a dt466. Its diesel-powered propulsion offers a fuel-efficient alternative to gasoline engines of this size and power. Used, rebuilt & salvage engines, transmissions, rears, cab and body & more Diesel Engine Problems. Then when it picks back up it spits a puff of dark gray/black smoke. * Locate the two sets of o-rings supplied with your new Adrenaline HPOP. 6 dt466 ihc ngd mechanical frame cut w/transmission missing frame deduct $250. Troubleshooting "won't start when engine is hot" or with high leakage "won't start hot or cold" or "needs starting fluid to start" problems Hello, i dont know if you got your answer or not yet, but i will promise you any ? you have concerning how or why a bus isnt running contact johnnie reed in tulsa oklahoma at that bus plant his cell number is 5014727808. The clutch is fine, just got adjusted about a month ago, no smoke, just low power. It has always had a slight miss at start up and as it warms up it would run  Oct 6, 2017 OK, I missed out on a sweet sweet deal on a 90 international with dt466C Anyway, It's the first DT466 I've seen close to me in about 3 years. how can it be injector seals on a 1990 dt466? that engine has mechanical injectors and no oil anywhere near them. 00. It runs fine when i first start it. - Please package properly to protect from damage or loss. Low oil pressure, operating at low temp. 5 (see DT466E product bulletin) About the DT466 Engines. If you are planning on it running in subzero temperatures you have a lot of things to do. (Navistar) is recalling certain model year 2010-2011 IC bus 3200, model year 2012 and 2014 IC bus CE and model year 2011-2013 IC bus HC transit buses and model year 2008-2013 International 4300 and model year 2013 International Workstar commercial trucks equipped with Eaton hybrid automated transmissions. You can see a big chunk of it is missing and some has been "squished" thinner, creating a super-wide ring-land. international dt466e harmonic balancer,w/ pulley 1820856c2, esn# 470hm2u1341346 (A/C not working) 2000 International with a DT466E, Allison Automatic AT545, Thomas Built Body for 65 passengers, Carrier A/C not working compressors missing, excellent running conditions. "Tax, Shipping & Handling and Internet Premium not included. Ill have to takle this tomorrow, I have a truck mechanic arround the corner who can give me a hand if I cant solve the riddle. capacity, Roll tarp, Bed vibrator, Single ram hoist, Air operated end gate Shop International DT466E Engines For Sale. 00 7. Down to freezing temperatures you don't need to do much. Anyway I have two questions. NPDDiesel replaces 100% of pistons, rings, bearings, bushings, gaskets and seals. - HPOP Mounting Gaskets. Needs second battery. $1200. You can hear the injectors working and in my experience if one isn't working you'll hear it right off, saves cracking the lines and making a mess. See Auction Information for full details. Shop International DT466E Rocker Arms For Sale. COMPLETE DOOR, REMOVED from 1998 International 4700 DT466E, Parting out Truck - $500. illinois tollway 2001 ih 4900 signal axle dump body plow truck with v-body spreader, front plow, wing plow, dt466e diesel engine, (no spreader controls) poor condition, truck does not run, has a bad transmission and no ecm, some parts may be missing. Nothing there. no codes set, checked fuel pressure 45psi, checked fuel vacuem 1inhg, new air filter / no restriction, injectors fire electicly and cutout during running sounds good. It is missing and lacking power. Must be complete Missing Trim (Valve Cover, Flywheel Housing, Front Cover) Missing Fan Hub Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for International Navistar Dt466e Gt3782 Turbo Charger Brand New Turbocharger at Amazon. 78v drops to 9. startelivehelpbtncodeendelivehelpbtncode1 YEAR WARRANTY IF THERE IS A PART Dt466e serious lack of power problem. 6 dt466e ihc w/bell housing 2000 up #279 230 or higher horse power only 750. I have been told to check heat at exq 194 194 215 214 213 205 these are my readings dont really know what it was to be at in the first place. " Highway and Heavy Parts is a leading provider of quality diesel engine parts and engine rebuild kits. dt466 engines in my opinion are pretty much bullet proof I'd definetly isolate the bad hole first and start from there, if it is something major Randy probably has the way to go but I rebuild all my Hello, i have a 2000 international 4700 with a dt466e. com My take on DT466E HUEI poor / no start troubleshooting this is a cut and paste of a post that I did on another Forum, I am the original author. 3 codes are coming up. 6L L6 DIESEL. Should there be a ground strap on either the IDM or ECM? This truck has been several places to be fixed and i've found bolts missing on brackets, just don't know if one got left off. 6G DVD, Searchable, Printable) Complete digital workshop If i unplug the EGR module it will throw a code for that so I know the ECM is reading the CAN line. A leak in the air injection system can also cause the intake to backfire, since this affects the amount of air taken in. All heads are pressure tested and upgraded to the latest style valve seal. This was more or less saying that these cylinders were dead. international t444e engine assemblies for sale. 158,568 miles on odometer, 10,940 hours on meter, International DT466E 7. There were codes pointing to the fact that cylinders 1, 3, 5 and 7 had a contribution problem. The engine is new, the injectors are all new, the MAP Sensor is new, the Baro Sensor is new, the Cam Sensor is new, the High Pressure Oil Pump is new, the fuel sensor and regulators are new, the computer is new. Stiction, in this case, is often the result of oil coking and carbon buildup inside the spool valve — the vital component that allows high-pressure oil (required to actuate the fuel side of the Power Stroke HEUI injector) to enter the injector. in Hudson, CO Dodge Ram 1500 Starts, Runs till warmed up, Dies. Starts with a boost and runs. 6L L6 turbo diesel engine, 215 HP, Allison automatic transmission, Single axle, AC and heat, Cruise, AM/FM, Power and heated mirrors, Air suspension seat, Front mounted PTO, Galion 402FT steel dump bed, 10'L x 96"W, 24" side height, 5. i have a 99 , 4900 with a dt466e that will not start. - Cores must be return 45 days from purchase. I just replaced all the o-rings on on every injector and also the wiring harness that goe Hello, I just purchased a truck with a DT466E engine. it might run with a bad sensor but it wont necessarily fire on all six, it might be missing on 1 or 2 cyl. Please visit my Ebay Store for many more items of interest including parts from 2 entire International 4700 trucks with DT-466E engines, one with a rollback bed. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Throttle/Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Common signs of a faulty pedal position sensor include inconsistent engine response, reduced fuel efficiency, and the Check Engine Light coming on. Warranty : As-is No INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BEGINNING INSTALLATION. The problem is it has a miss like you turn the key of briefly. 2002 int dt466 low power under load. M. complete frame cut w/ all accessories. I would stay away from anything that is not a E motor (It will say DT466E on the hood) the computer controled one should eeek out better MPG's. what am i overlooking? depends on what you mean by cold. - Full credit will be given for complete cores, if parts missing, broken or marks deductions may apply. INSTANT DOWNLOAD 1986-2008 International Truck (ALL MODELS) Workshop Repair & Service Manual (2. 49. iATN is the world's first and largest online community of automotive professionals, where automotive technicians and other auto industry pros perform real-world vehicle diagnosis, and discuss theory, shop management, and other industry issues among their peers. 00 1000. MaxxForce DT Preventive Maintenance Low Power No Codes. 1993 250hp dt466 in an 1984 s1900 dump truck. Clear title. What to do? - 173 reports. The Truck is priced to sell the cheapest one online 18K and up. capacity, Roll tarp, Bed vibrator, Single ram hoist, Air Re: Navistar International 3800 T444E Engine Technical Service Manual 11/03/2013 12:48 AM My familiarity with automotive factory manuals is somewhat dated, but as recently as 2008, printed paper manuals were multi volume publications selling in the neighborhood of $300. - Core is the part being replaced by the product you are purchasing from us. PRICE IS NON NEGOTIABLE. Diagnostic and repair procedures are covered in great detail to repair, maintain, rebuild, refurbish or restore your vehicle like a professional mechanic in local service/repair workshop. I have a 2002 international 4300 dt 466 bobtail with black smoke coming from exhaust, have allready changed pistons, injectors, harness, and still have #1 injector not firing. Additional power comes from the turbocharger and air-intercooled system. com International DT466E Engine Assemblies For Sale. Fuel injector o rings are a component that is found on virtually all vehicles equipped with fuel injectors. Flasher relay 2000 International 4900 DT466E Discussion in 'International Forum' started by rocster, Jul 4, 2017. 00; Engine Assembly INTERNATIONAL DT466E IH DT466E engine missing When its done shifting from 3-4 or from 4-5 at low rpms it will miss like the fuel shuts completly off for a split second. 1999 INTERNATIONAL 4700 DT466E in Laredo, TX, USA. I have a Int 4300 DT466 It started missing under load like a wire or plug but not possable with a diesel. Heavy Duty International 4900 Trucks for Sale 2000 International 4900 RUNS AND DRIVES GREAT HAS A REEFER BOX BUT THE REEFER UNIT IS MISSING THE DT466E ENGINE Navistar Inc. Worn Injector Seals on a 1999 International DT466E. injectors removal and replacement on this engine is a one hour job, tops. We help you find the heavy duty truck parts that you need. This truck has a rollback bed on it and when you use the fast idle it misses very bad. This vehicle has NOT been inspected by a Sell DieselCore your International DT466E EGR Engine core for $0. i just replaced my injectors on my 1993 on monday. This site is owned by the Red Power Magazine. Aug 7, 2016 I have a int 4300 dt466 it started missing under load. We have a huge problem with this vehicle I am hoping someone can help us with. Used 2007 INTERNATIONAL DT466E Engine Parts, . " Talk about most anything but read forum rules before posting. Engine is missing cylinder head, 5 out International DT466E Engine Assemblies For Sale. I have a 2000 International 4800 with a DT466E in it that runs and then cuts out starts and then cuts out again I have replaced fuel filters but still have vehicle die on the road ,can you help Diagnostic and repair procedures are covered in great detail to repair, maintain, rebuild, refurbish or restore your vehicle like a professional mechanic in local service/repair workshop. We replaced the Crank and cam sensors, it starts missing bad when engine warms up. did not want to burn something out, so stopped. Stiction is the static friction that needs to be overcome for one surface in contact with another to move. Im calling it a nite, its getting late and I dont want to disturb the neighbors theyre preaty decent about the truck even when I back down the driveway sometimes at 2 A. Other items you may be interested in: Engine Assembly INTERNATIONAL DT466E. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. good running 7. Once it gets up to operating temperature it starts sputtering/missing. The truck is a 2004 vin# XXXXX I have a 1999 DT466E. international turbo high pressure super cartridge missing kit, oem# n/a, 1831222. Mileage estimated to be 209,900; accuracy unknown. The problem is it stalls, I have had it to 2 truck mechanic shops and they can not find the problem, One day it will run great then it will act up (stall or low power), they have put checked pressure (fuel) and can't find anything. DT466 Loss of Power was created by brian98redskins It had very slow acceleration and it would die quickly when going up hills. Choose from 14 listings to find the best priced International DT466E Rocker Arms by owners & dealers near you. I understand this is below a nominally charged battery. INTERNATIONAL DT466E PRE-EGR Camshaft Inspected Polished 1824747C1 No Core 9167 - $332. if the plate is missing, the owner will need to find the fuel pump and turbo part numbers loCated on eaCh part and Call their loCal navistar dealer to determine the engine type. 5 of the 6 injectors had bad seals, 2 were real bad and 3 were marginal. Overall the 466 is a good motor, it always starts and has alright power, but once they get up there in miles they become painfully under powered. It feels like you shut the key of for a split second and then right back on. 7. How do you know if the head gasket on a 1986 Honda CRX is blown? Next, I took a look at the trouble codes. Easily find what you need from thousands of parts available. I have a 1992 Int'l with a DT466. I thought water in fuel so i changed fuel filter and checked for water in tank. will take it to shop asap. 11-9/16 inch length. Look at the piston material between the ring-lands. Another possible reason is a malfunctioning fuel pump or obstructed air filter. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. You can also have you dealer check what part number you require by looking up your vehicle's VIN. Could anyone with the same engine let me know what their fuel mileage is? The reason I ask is because I'm new to this and I would like to know if I am within the right average. 1994 - 1999 DT466E - 175 to 230 HP on DT-466 E Series through 1999. 1999 International 4700-DT466E Roll-Off Wrecker CONVENTIONAL CAB, 7. Page 2 of 7. Welcome IH, Farmall, International Harvester Fans and Enthusiasts. Jul 4, 2014 The DT466E Diesel Engine Memories The DT466E International diesel is no more mainly because it could not meet emission standards. 639 — 231 2 J1939 ETCI Message Missing 651 — 1 6 Injector Cylinder #1 Shorted Circuit 651 — 1 7 Injector Cylinder #1 No Plunger 651 — 1 5 Injector Cylinder #1 Current Below Normal or Open Circuit 651 — 1 4 Injector Cylinder #1 – Short to Ground 651 — 1 3 Injector Cylinder #1 – Shorted High Engine Performance problem 2005 Other International Models 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic The vehicle is turbo Charged, Engine DT 466, electronically controlled Injectors, and it expelling excesive white smoke from the exhaust system 7. I have a 2003 International 4300 DT466. All heads get new valves and are vacuum tested to ensure the quality of the valve job. Page 3 of International DT466E Engines listings. The "Coffee Shop. In June I bought a 1998 international 4700 with the DT466e motor. it seemed to struggle heavily on hills actually. it has a manual trans. 2005 and up. This condition no power no codes is a common problem with diesel engines. A class-action lawsuit filed July 10 by three trucking companies against Navistar-International echoes claims of similar lawsuits filed this week: The truck and engine maker knew its EGR-only Sell DieselCore your International DT466E / DT MaxxForce (EGR Model) Turbocharger core for $125. Can't be possitive Frank, not being there and hearing and seeing it for myself, but it sounds like an injector popping. 6L L6 turbo diesel engine, 215 HP, Allison automatic transmission, Single axle, AC and heat, Cruise, AM/FM, Power windows, Power and heated mirrors, Air suspension seat, Front mounted PTO, Galion 402FT steel dump bed, 10'L x 96"W, 24" side height, 5. -IPR Valve connector (noticed it’s wet and is missing it’s weatherpak seal) could this be my issue?-battery voltages (2 batteries): 11. It is a source of information about our bi-monthly publication; and a place for IH enthusiasts to exchange and share information. Main Dealers, specialists and garages equipped with expensive and sophisticated diagnostic equipment still seem to struggle. i am not sure if the clutch switch could cause this, i am not sure how to test it. Removed from service September 2016. Run&Drive with no problems. I admit I cranked for a lot longer than necessary to build oil pressure in the HPOP. com. Search 1000's of listings for new & used INTERNATIONAL 4900 Parts & Attachments updated daily from by dealers & private sellers. Fits DT466 A, B, and C Engines with Serial Numbers 532,980 & Below I know this isn't the right section but I figured I'd try it, I'm currently working on a DT466E in a 2003 4300 International and it has a miss/surging issue at 2000 rpm to 2300 rpm, but only when it's over 200 degrees and under heavy throttle, like climbing a hill. We have a 2000 International 4700 with a DT466E Engine. For use with Flat Tappets. It was overhauled about 7,000 miles ago. The DT466E weighs 1,425 lbs. Down to 20 degrees a few things. Jul 4, 2017 #1 Is the flasher just missing? Is The DT466E engine is an inline, six-cylinder powerhouse with a displacement of 466 cubic inches. Location: MISSING COMPUTER, RADIATOR HOSES. is there a common problem with these trucks for this concern. You can see the edge is rounded-over, a sure sign the rings were catching in the exhaust port. Must have electronic actuator and be free of damage. So the first steps are simple like checking for obvious problems with the fuel injection and air intake system. dt466e missing